About Trace

Trace gives skiers and snowboarders ultimate bragging rights. We measure speed, airtime, vertical, Calories, distance and more, on any mountain in the world. Compare and compete with anyone, including yourself, with the click of a single button on your iPhone or Android. You will see a basic set of stats right on your phone or log into the traceup.com to see even more detailed stats, compare and compete between friends, push your stats to Facebook and Twitter, or virtually compete against your friends in 3D.

We pride ourselves on building cutting edge technology for skiers and snowboarders. We separate your runs, identify your chairlifts by name, and our patent pending jump detection technology tells you how long you spent in the air and how many times you went airborne. Accurate statistics and user experience are extremely important for us at Trace, and we'll continue to push the technological envelope to make sure we deliver on that goal.

Think you're better?

Trace was built to be social. Personal stats are great, but pushing yourself through competition and seeing how you compare with friends makes it even better. Have friends who brag about outrageous speeds, 40ft airs, and days with no one else on the mountain and no standing in line for lifts? Well, then challenge them on Trace and we'll tell you which one of you deserves the bragging rights. If you went up on the hill together, we have a 'Head to Head' feature that let's you compare your trip side by side.

If you hit the slope on separate days but still want to compare, no worries. We have you covered. Head over to our 3d replay and see what it would have been like had the two of you been skiing (or racing) together. Want to see what you look like in comparison to the fastest person on the mountain? We can do that too. You should check it out.

The Team

Anatole has spent the better part of his professional career working on GPS technology and is to credit for Trace's superior data processing technology and data accuracy. Before Trace, Anatole was CTO and VP of Magellan Navigation where he had been responsible for, among other things, developing GPS and sensor algorithms since 1993.
David grew up in sunny, Southern California and became an avid snowboarder and surfer early on. Trace is the product that he always wanted growing up. Before Trace David was trading foreign exchange options for Barclays Bank in Singapore. He has an AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.
Brian heads up mobile development for Trace on iPhone and Android. He's a Michigan native, prefers winter over summer, and has a puppy named Lima Bean (LB for short). Brian's been the brains behind a lot of cool apps in the appstore like Kno and Daily Focus. In his spare time, he writes code for a fantasy football league at GameBal.com (which we use for our league).
Steve is Trace's Creative Director. Steve also grew up in sunny, Southern California. Across the street from David. He now lives in San Clemente. Steve received his Master's in Advertising & Art Direction from the San Francisco Academy of Arts.
Claire builds algorithms for Trace's data analysis. She hails from Tasmania, Australia, where she grew to love the outdoors while hiking backcountry mountains and coastlines. Claire graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in mathematics.

Trace Evangelist Team

Trace Evangelists spread the word and get cool Trace schwag. Help us recruit users and we'll send you cool stuff like stickers, t-shirts, and season passes. Interested in becoming an Trace Evangelist? Email our co-founder, David

Mike Haffner
Head Evangelist · Mammoth, CA
Taylor Horowitz
Boulder, CO
Matt Weaver
Upstate NY
Chloe Charette
Penn / New Hampshire
Jake Totter
Southern Idaho